Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Half Truth # 4

The “Free Things That Are Never Free” Scam:

Most processes lure you in by offering to give you something FREE. This tactic is as old as the earth and probably existed during the cave man days, even before Geico. In fact, I think I am using this strategy very effectively with my promise to give you a free terminal (not bad, huh?). So obviously, I am not against this principle. What I am against, however, is the giving of things like "free paper" and "free print ribbons" and other such items when you know you are paying for these by increasing your fees for other items or services.

The Cure #4

The “Value Over Time” Solution:

You may rightly ask us how I am able to give away our free terminals. Don't I have to pay for these somehow and therefore aren’t I engaging in the same practice that I am condemning? Great question and the answer is NO! Here's why. Yes, of course I have to pay for those terminals and I do that by giving you a very value based fee structure. What this means is that over the first year we use your fees to pay for these and other expenses. We only begin to make money after I have prove my service to you and as you continue to use my service. Again, I believe that if I do not try to gouge you with unfair costs your business will succeed and therefore ultimately I succeed and this will create a win/win relationship. We don’t have to get rich quick. Instead we want to get EXTREMELY RICH more slowly and with a greater degree to certainty. This is a business model that works because if we all treat others the way we want to be treated than we can all succeed.

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