Friday, November 6, 2009

Half Truth # 3

The “Non-Qualified Transaction” Ploy:

Most processes know that a business owner will pay more money for every transaction if they cannot verify the address from each customer. Address verification is just one of the many "Risk Factors" that go into the credit card rate and fee system, all of which is passed on to the average consumer. When you think about it, it really does make sense. Some people do misuse their credit cards and rack up huge sales with no intention of paying back what they owe. Therefore, the banks want to verify as much as they can about the one using the card. If they can get this information they are willing to reduce their fees in exchange for reduced risk. But if your merchant service company wants to use this little know fact to hide the extra expenses it can mean another source of revenue for them. You would be surprised how many actually do this.

The Cure #3

The “AVS In Advance” Solution:

Unfortunately, unless you request that your processor program your terminals to include AVS (address verification stamp) it may never happen. With Phil Herrington “The Credit Card Guy” I will automatically program your AVS into every terminal. In fact I look for this and other ways to help you save money so you can have every advantage to succeed. This may sound like a small item when you consider the total scope of your business income. However, as a small business owner myself I learned long ago that all these "small" things add up quickly. So take my advice and avoid all Non-Qualified transactions in the future and save your hard earned money for that much needed vacation.


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