Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Half Truth # 2 The “Charging Fees That Are Not Required”

Is your current processor charging you a “Merchant Club Fee”, “Compliance Fee” or a “Membership Fee” for free paper, all of these types of fees are made up fees and if you are being charged them you are paying TOO much? These fees are not required by Visa or the other bank card companies. Although there are certain monthly fees that are required and in some cases even warranted, you should realize at the outset that most of these fees are negotiable and are charged at the whims and wants of the merchant service company and are often not required. Remember to ALWAYS ASK what a fee represents and to inquire if they are imposed from above or if they are negotiable. You may be pleasantly surprised at the answer.

Solution #2The Whole Truth about Unnecessary Fees”

With Phil Herrington “The Credit Card Guy” I do not pad my fees or add other unnecessary expenses just to earn a few extra dollars. Again, don't misunderstand. I love getting extra money. I love a raise, a bonus, a cash increase of any kind, just like the next guy. However, it's because I love this extra cash that I do not engage in these tactics. You see, if I can help you to be more successful you're going to spend more of your "success dollars" on growing your company. When your company grows then so does mine right alongside you. I would much rather get a raise as a result of you getting your one FIRST. When merchant companies turn this principle into an everyday reality everyone wins. That's why many of our competitors go out of business so rapidly. They honestly believe they can make more money, more quickly, if they rip others off by tell little Half Truths and not telling the Whole Truth and therefore by trying to take shortcuts to success they usually just loose. For some reason this kind of dysfunctional thinking is rampant in the merchant services industry. That's why you need to do some serious research before you sign up with one of these other companies, I am here to protect your business from unnecessary rate increases and a bunch of made up fees that should NOT be charged. Take this necessary business step seriously and you will save hundreds to thousands of dollars every year.

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