Saturday, August 11, 2012

FREE iPhone SWIPER .....Better than SQUARE

You need to go mobile with your business? Now is the time to sign up for that iPhone thing is to complete FREE until Aug 31st

Here is the video

Here are the Rates and Fees

Cell phone option B (Pay as you Go)
• Qualified - 2.69%
• Transaction Fee: - $0
• MOTO (Keyed) - 3.49% plus .19
• Statement Fee: - $ 0
• Monthly Minimum: $ 0.00
• Shipping & Processing Fee (per device): - FREE until Aug 31st
• Batch Fee .0
• No Annual Fee
• FREE Swiper for your Android, iPhone, iPad, Ipod Touch, or BlackBerry Phone)
• App Fee $0

Click Here To Apply NOW

Get an approval in just 3-5 mins

If you have ever thought about getting credit card processing for your iPhone or Android Phone. NOW is the time don't hesitate, CLICK the link above before August 31st!!

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