Thursday, March 10, 2011

Way Cooler than Groupon! Must Read 5% residual For LIFE

Check this out if it does what it says it will do this will be a great side income.

This is FREE to sign up and you get 5% from what people spend...better than Groupon...

Please, read this memo. It IS NOT some thing I am trying to sell you…I can’t, it’s totally FREE and not only will save you 50% when you shop, it can make you a boatload of money too…read on:

You thought Groupon was cool where you get 50% off deals at local restaurants, salons, etc…Check out this company! They are doing the same thing offering 50% off deals of the day…but they are PAYING you to shop!!! Unlike Groupon’s referral program where you get $10 for referring a friend, this company pays you 5% of the purchase of everyone you sign up when they shop!!! just started in January and already has over 50,000 subscribers. At this pace they will grow faster than Groupon which holds the record for the fastest growing company in the world!

It is FREE to sign up. Then get your network of friends and family to sign up for FREE! Then you will be able to save 50% or more on hot deals of the day just like Groupon! BUT, when you and your friends shop that are signed up under you…you get paid 5% of the purchase price automatically! No fees or costs! Just get paid when they shop. Get this…similar to network marketing, you get paid 5% for everyone signed up under you to the 5th level when they buy one of the 50% off deals! NO STRINGS ATTACHED! NO RECRUITING! Just get your friends to sign up for FREE and tell them to do the same thing and sign up their friends! It is possible you will end up with 100’s even 1000’s of people under you that pays you 5% of the purchase price when they buy stuff…how cool is that! Residual income from shopping.

Here is an example of how it works: all you do is recommend people to sign up so they can save 50% on hot deals of the day…no membership, no fees or dues…nothing…it’s FREE.
You sign up for FREE…you shop and save 50% or more on purchases…you get paid 5% back on your purchase for shopping.
Level one: You sign up your friend…they shop…you get paid 5% of that purchase price. Sign up as many people as you want.
Level two: Your friend signs up 10 of their friends…when those 10 shop…you get 5% of every purchase they make.
Level three: Now those 10 friends each sign up 10 of their friends…when those 100 shop…you make 5% of every purchase they make!
Level four: Now those 100 friends each sign up 10 of their friends…when those 1000 shop…you make 5% of every purchase they make!
Level five: Now those 1000 friends each sign up 10 of their friends…now you have 10,000 people under your account…when those 10,000 shop…you make 5% of every purchase they make!
That is the most levels you earn 5% on, but this was just a result of you signing up one person and they each sign up 10 of their friends at each level. What if you sign up 10 people…OMGosh!
How would you like to earn 5% residual income without effort from 10,000 or many more shoppers and what they buy?

Friends, this company just launched…as soon as your local market has a minimum number of subscribers, the money will start to flow automatically as the deal of the day starts running and people start buying! Get your own FREE back office website (within minutes of signing up) to track your team and their purchases—your 5% override!

In 2 years since Groupon started in Chicago, Groupon has grown to over 25 million subscribers, in 130 countries and making over $1 Billion in sales and pays you $10 if you refer someone—that is it.
Google offered to buy them in November 2010 for 5.6 Billion which they turned down.
It is projected they will reach 100 million subscribers by the end of this year. is going to share the wealth to those who help build it…now is the time to catch the WAVE to extra residual income…best part…it’s FREE.
You would be crazy to not sign up and save 50% at local restaurants and other businesses…You would be crazier not sign up for FREE and earn money when others buy!

Please, call me for any questions. Watch the videos and check out the site. It is real! It is going to provide a lot of extra income to a lot of people, you might as well be one of them.

I invite you to join my team!!! It’s FREE and you will save 50% or more when you shop. When others shop under you…you make 5% of the purchase they make, now that is cool!

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Have an Extraordinary Day!!

May God Bless you and your Family!!
Jeremiah 29:11

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