Monday, March 8, 2010

Visa & MasterCard PCI Complicance Fee..What is it?

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(PCI Compliance for Visa & MasterCard Processing)

What is it?


Why Does It Cost SOOOO Much?

All processors are now having to charge a PCI Compliance Fee, basically the government (FCC) has step in and said that processors need to be more careful in the way they store data or credit card numbers. The government is making the processors implement systems and services that are expensive and the processors are passing that cost on to you, the merchant.

All processors are required to charge a PCI Compliance Fee, but it is up to each individual processor how much. The processor I work with has decided to keep this fee low and only charge $79 a year ($6.58 a month). I have seen other processors charging as much as $300 - $600 a year. You have to be very careful which processor you choose because there are often hidden fees. For example you might be being charged anywhere from $20.00 - $30.00 a month and then an annually fee of $75 - $249 and that is as much as $600.00 a year in just this one area. Keep in mind this is above and beyond your regular monthly processing fees.

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